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About Us

Crafticles was born out of necessity. Whenever we visited India, we loved so many things that we could use to decorate our house back in the USA. The only problem was we didn't have any room in our bag, or it was already full with a variety of delicious snacks. 

To our surprise, we couldn't buy these same things in the USA without paying too much. With a vision to make these authentic Indian traditional decorative items available as affordable as possible, we started Crafticles, LLC in 2015. For the last three years, we sold these items through a variety of cultural event fairs and at other state festivals. 

Almost every time we sold an item through our physical stall, we would get a question asking us to open up an online store which is what we did in 2018. We still haven't made all the items available in our inventory online so please don't hesitate to write us if you have something in mind which we don't sell online and we will make every effort to fulfill your wish.